apRon tour 2017

10 August 2017 By chrissy in News


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We have made it our business to be more than an agency that only handles tasks according to a fixed scheme.
We want more - innovation, creativity, the ability of always being prepared to meet all upcoming challenges of live-show business. The relationship with our artists is strong and trusting. Some of them we even manage ourselves or are at least involved with their management. Our role as a service provider in the world of touring and festivals, our work as a local promoter as well as being a tour booking agency for all kinds of genres puts us into the fortunate position of knowing the live-business from inside out, with all of its facets.

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Dirk Verseck

 CEO, booking, tour management

+49 (0)228 421 16 - 0

Armin Nöth

CEO, booking, tour management, festival services

+49 (0)228 421 16 - 0

Dolores Lokas

merchandise, tour management, booking, local shows

+49 (0)228 421 16 - 14

Katha Richter

ticketing, accounting, office management

+49 (0)228 421 16 - 12

Patrick Kirsch

booking, office management, tour management, local shows

+49 (0)228 421 16 - 13

Chrissy Schneider

booking, tour management, production management

Chris "Hedwisch" Koser


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